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E-identity and the Swedish Companies Registration Office

Before registering with the right of residence at the Swedish Migration Board, you need to register your company. You should also register for tax with the Swedish Tax Agency, as well as registering your business with the Swedish Companies Registration Office.

You are able to do both at the same time on the website


In order to register your business you need an e-identity. You obtain the e-identity via a bank or Telia


More information on the swedish tax agency 


The Swedish Migration Board (Migrationsverket)

As an EU citizen, you don’t need a residence permit to work in Sweden, but you need to register as an EU/EES citizen with the right of residence. You can register at the Migration Board by downloading and completing the form Registration of right of residence, no 140011.


After completing the form you can either send it by post or bring it directly to one of the Migration Board’s Permit Units in your new home town. Don’t forget to enclose the proof of you being self-employed (the registration certificate for your company and/or an F-tax certificate) and a copy of your (valid) passport or national identity card to your application.


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