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Other important authorities and issues


You should be covered by the Swedish social insurance if you live and work in Sweden. Please consult the website of the national agency Försäkringskassan in order to learn more about registration: 


VHS (Verket för högskoleservice)

In order to learn more about validation of secondary and high
schools grades as well as university certificates, please consult the
website of VHS: 


SFI (Svenska för Invandrare) – Swedish for foreigners

You have the right to attend beginners’ courses in Swedish when you are registered in your new Swedish municipality. Please consult the municipality’s website for more information about courses and starting dates.


Change of your driving license

If you plan to stay permanently in Sweden, we advise you to exchange your national driving license to a Swedish one. In order to do so, please consult the website of the Swedish Transport Agency within six months after your arrival to Sweden. There you are able to download the application form:


Jönköping County Council (Landstinget i Jönköpings län)

Jönköping County Council work to provide the county’s 335,000 inhabitants good medical and dental care. The County Council has approximately 10,000 employees, who base their work on skills and experience.

The County Council is looking for doctors and dentists and it has extensive experience in international recruitment and work actively for new employees to feel welcome and comfortable, both at work and at leisure.

To learn more about health, medical treatment and dental care in Region Jönköping, please consult the website of the County Council:


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