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Welcome to Mullsjö!


Municipality of Mullsjö - Mullsjö kommun
Area: 212 km2  approx. 7200 inhabitants, a lot of them families with children


Good schools
We are proud of our school system. There are 8 nursery schools, three primary schools within the boundaries of Municipality of Mullsjö. Further secondary schools and university high schools are situated in our neighbour town.
High-class living environment
Big ”silent areas” with less than 30 dBA and good house prices - generally €75 000 – 120 000

Occasionally there are also farms for sale -30 hectar farm €
300 000 – 350 000To every bungalow there is a standard plot of ca 900 m², in many cases bigger
The price of land is very low

A big health centre with doctors and dentists is situated in the center of our village.

There is a wide range of societies, associations, churches and various leisure time activities to enjoy. Clean lakes and rivers. Fishing and hunting possibilities.



Excellent public transport system with bus and train. Perfectly situated for easily reach by car.

Distance to:
Stockholm  380 km
Gothenburg 140 km
Jönköping 30 km
International  airport 29 km (Jönköping)
Commuting to Jönköping takes 22 minutes by train and 30 minutes by bus.


Commercial life
Entrepreneurial spirit, innovation capacity and a living cusine heritage. 
Diversity in commercial and industrial life
Several companies in plastic industry
Approx. 250 companies
Tourism is an expansive sector


Visit us in Mullsjö!

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